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New 75A marine controller!

The long awaited replacement for the Viper Super Marine speed controller is now available!

When the 75A version of the Viper marine controller range was withdrawn earlier this year it did not go down well! The reasons for this were down to advances in technology that meant we were in a position to ‘do it better’, we decided to re-design the 75A marine controller to take advantage of these advances in technology and give the modeler a much better speed controller!

The results, although having taken longer to complete than we anticipated, are impressive. The new Viper Marine75 controller is an extremely solid, reliable and powerful controller that we are very happy with. We are sure it will prove to be a success with all those modelers who have been waiting ………….. a long time for its re-release!

New 24V Marine controllers released!

The long awaited release of the new 24V marine controllers has now arrived!

The new 24V Viper marine HV speed controllers will be available to buy from the 1st of December 2014.

A lot of work has gone into making sure this new range of controllers are as easy to use as the very popular standard 12V Viper marine controllers, in fact, the set up and operation of these new 24V versions is exactly the same as the already very popular 12V Vipers! Ease of use and reliability are the two main criteria we work on when designing new marine controllers, the fact that they are packed with features, 100% waterproof, lightweight and still very small in size is very nice too!!


Click here  for more information and full specifications of this exciting new 24V marine range!



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