Our most sincere thanks to Mtroniks!

Mtroniks has been sponsoring our annual regatta in Portland, Oregon, USA for the past five years. Their reliability and service has been impeccable. The props that we use, any year, during an event have all used Mtronik ESC, and have been very dependable, and even the Springer tug built for public use by children has been able to take the abuse of constantly switching from forward to reverse and still be able to make rescues of other boats on the pond.

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With matching plugs the ESC are easily switched from one apparatus to the next as events evolve or change, each year to create new and exciting events for the participants.

100_1831 copy Loading at the pier 02 copy IMG_0804

Components in the Shearleg crane move to the cargo crane in 2013 back to the Shearleg crane in 2014

Our Portland, Regatta started off as a small event, and as the event grew so did our expenses.

Mtroniks sponsorship has help us raise money to pay for permit fees and awards.

Each year we try to change what the modeler tug skippers must do as a boat handling challenge.

Whether it is just the maneuvering course, barge handling, or crane barge spotting many of the tugboat skippers have come to rely on Mtroniks to for low speed precision handling. People recognize how well the equipment works, and Mtroniks has become the “go to” speed control when someone in the Pacific Northwest, the West coast, and much of the United States needs an ESC. And every year, model skippers from Long Beach to Vancouver BC. Look forward to this August event at the Tualatin Commons.

Aimee Eng, Phillip McKinney, Matthew “Q” Quinn

Queen’s Own, Scale Model Combat Warship Club.