New releases from Mtroniks!

The new 24V Loco10 controller.
This new version of the already popular 12V Loco10 controller has been a long time coming, we had been receiving requests for a 24V version for the last two to three years but only recently felt that the technology needed to do it ‘nicely’ had become available.
The 24V version has all the same features as the original 12V Loco10 controller, such as built in cruise control, motor current limiters and of course, the legendary, 100% waterproof design. The main difference and the one that our customers have been asking for is the ability to run the controller at higher voltages. The new 24V Loco10 controller is happy running anywhere between 12.0V and 24.0V making it perfect for those models that run on voltages higher than the usual 12.0V.
A LOT of testing was done prior to the release of this new controller, in fact, in an attempt to test the unit to destruction we installed it in a ride-on Locomotive and attached a 3000kg load……………. we failed to kill the controller, it instead pulled the load and us away from the station!
The result is the new ‘Viper Loco10 HV’ available now from our website or authorised dealers.